Why It is Smart To Have Representation On Commercial Roofing Claims

Why It Is Smart To Have Representation On Commercial Roofing Claims

Your roof is damaged during a storm, so you file a claim with your insurance company so that it can be repaired. For commercial businesses, it’s not so easy as there are a few things that may prevent you from getting what is deserved unless you have proper representation.

There are personal injury attorneys who represent clients so they receive what is due from insurance companies for their medical expenses. So too are their public insurance claims adjusters who represent clients who do not get what they deserve from their insurance claims.

What is a Public Insurance Claims Adjustor?

You may think of adjustors only working for the insurance companies that they represent. However, there are those who work for the public as well. Individuals and businesses can use the services of a public insurance claims adjustor to have the damage to their residences or businesses assessed and provided as an alternative to the claims adjustor for the insurance company.

Public adjusters are most often hired by business owners who use their services to get a different perspective on how much damage was caused.

How Proper Representation Helps Your Company

When filing a claim for your business, having proper representation is crucial to getting the full amount deserved to repair or replace the roof. Doing all the work yourself without representation means that insurance companies may not pay what is needed to have the repairs handled properly.

You need a good counterpoint to the insurance claims adjustor whose primary job is to protect the insurance company, not pay for what is owed to repair or replace the roof. To have the right public insurance adjuster in such matters starts with what they bring to the table.

Expertise: They know your rights under the law which means the standards that insurance companies must meet when proper claims are filed. They ensure that all avenues are covered and provide you with avenues that can be used to ensure that all areas of your claim are justified.

Overview: A public insurance adjuster is a good resource to use to inspect and calculate the damage caused to your roof by a storm or other event. Quite often, hiring a public insurance adjuster will help you establish the right amount for your claim and they provide the steps necessary for you to prove it.

Negotiation: The adjuster will negotiate with the insurance company for the best settlement possible. This means that they will use the tools at their disposal to ensure they provide you with the best position possible in the negotiations. The factors that a public adjuster will consider include, but are not limited to the following areas;

  • Age & Condition of the Roof
  • Type of Roof
  • What Caused the Damage & Supporting Evidence
  • History, Construction, and Maintenance of the Roof

All these factors will help in establishing the cause and helping you to get what is deserved for your claim. This means that you should consider getting proper representation for your commercial roofing claim by hiring a public insurance adjuster who specializes in such matters.

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