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Are you looking for a public adjuster to help you with your commercial or industrial roofing claim? Are you scared that your commercial insurance provider won’t follow through with the claim and give you what you so rightfully deserve? Lionheart is here to help. To say that you need professional representation to make sure your insurance company stays honest is an understatement. It could be the difference between you being fully covered by your insurance provider and/or you not being covered at all! Lionheart Contracting, based out of Kansas City Mo, has a strategic relationship with a Public Adjusting firm that can help you deal with your commercial or industrial insurance provider. They have the expertise and know the policy language to not just protect you but make sure to optimize the best claim result for you. We’re happy to have a great working relationship with them. Call us to see how we collectively can assist you throughout the claims process.

The Gray Area Of Insurance Claims

You might be surprised to hear the horrifying facts about how commercial insurance providers try and wiggle out of paying you what you have coming. To add injury to insult, they will often even acknowledge a storm or catastrophe, but deny the claim due to poor follow up or miscommunication on your part. It is actually YOUR responsibility to “prove your loss”. Unless you have a great fluency in the claims process, you may be left out in the cold to deal with the consequences. Lets face it, fixing a commercial roof on your business is very costly. Many business owners do not have tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around to fix the ever pressing immediate problem. Quite frankly, most commercial property owners also do not have the time or expertise required to make sure they receive all they pay for in their policy. So if you would like to leave the negotiations up to the professionals and relax, our relationship with an excellent Public Adjusting Firm can facilitate the correspondence between you and your insurance provider. After all, they are representing their companies best interest, why not have someone represent yours. Lionheart Contracting, serving our clients with pride and confidence.

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