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As the time comes to replace your roof, talk to the commercial roofing experts at Lionheart Contracting Kansas City for the best roof and the best deals for your commercial roofing dollar! Our consultants will go over the pros and cons of each commercial roofing option, so that you, as the customer, can fully understand what’s available and how various roofs will perform in the long run. A metal roof will give you lasting functionality, value and energy efficiency for years to come. Metal roofs have huge benefits that outweigh any drawbacks. Though they cost more initially, they’ll save you money over time in energy costs and maintenance. There are many exciting advantages that come with a metal roof, below are only a few of them:

Lower Energy Costs With Metal Roofs

Commercial roofers use the term “cool” to indicate how a metal roof can keep your building cooler by reflecting solar energy and emitting heat from the building. Metal has a natural reflective quality, and can be painted to reflect even more of the sun’s rays. As in other areas, darker colors will absorb heat, but lighter colors will reflect it. We, at Lionheart Contracting Kansas City, will work with you to find the right color to suit your specifications and tastes, making your commercial metal roof professional and attractive, while, at the same time, lowering your energy bill. Your building can’t go wrong with both looking and feeling cooler, especially in those hot summer months. Paints for commercial roofs these days also have special reflective pigments.

Metal Roofs Have Lower Maintenance Costs

Metal roofs can last a long time, with very little maintenance over the lifetime of your roof. They perform well under extreme conditions, whether it’s harsh weather or things such as fire or natural disasters. Properly secured metal roofs not only secure your building and property but also your peace of mind. A metal roof will resist rust and corrosion, due to the material, as well as the natural wear and tear of time and sun, due to its reflective qualities. When less heat gets absorbed into the roof, there’ll be less expansion and contraction of the roof material, thereby protecting the integrity of your roof for many years to come. Metal roofs have vertical seams, running from top to bottom, rather than horizontal ones, thereby providing less opportunity for water to collect on the top of your roof. With the proper slant, it’ll be like “water off a duck’s back.” Dollar for dollar, maintaining a metal roof, in the long run, will be so much less money than a more traditional asphalt roofing system.  So if you are looking for a quality metal roof within the Kansas City and surrounding areas, then Give Lionheart a call at 816-866-7090.

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