Metal Roof Benefits For Commercial Structures

Metal Roof Benefits For Commercial Structures

There are a number of advantages that a metal roof offers, particularly for commercial structures. While metal roofs do cost more than traditional asphalt or wood shingles, the investment is actually more cost-efficient in the long run for a number of reasons.

Installation: The metal roof itself consists of several sections that are placed together to form a watertight seal so that the elements do not penetrate. Installation itself is fairly smooth once the roof has been deemed strong enough to hold up the weight of the metal.

Longevity: While a standard asphalt shingle roof may last 15 to 20 years, a metal roof is estimated to last for up to 50 years if not longer with minimal maintenance. This means that your roof will last longer than two asphalt roof replacements and thus provide a lower investment cost.

Durability: Unlike many other materials that tend to fall apart under the impact of storm damage. The metal is far stronger than standard shingles and can withstand the impact of hail and high winds to a far greater degree.

Higher Resale Value: A metal roof is one of the few improvements made to commercial and residential structures that adds real sale value. This is because the benefits of a metal roof are instantly recognizable and make selling the building easier as a result.

It is true that metal roofs are more expensive than traditional shingles, although the price difference may range from 20% to 30% higher. Plus, because metal is heavier some structures may require some reinforcement before a metal roof can be put into place. However, the end result is a roof that is very strong and with minimal maintenance last a very long time. The estimates of 50 years when it comes to the longevity of the roof may actually be short as long as the paint and oxidation protection remain in place. Call Lionheart today for a no hassle quote at 913.866.7090. We would love to walk you through all of your metal roof options. 

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