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The Truth About Commercial Insurance Claims | Will Insurance Cover My Roof?

Asserting the insurance coverage for any commercial roof damage is not what most people would consider a fun task. Insurance companies have some very adhered to rules and processes that go into their decision wether or not your commercial roof claim makes a dent, no pun intended. It is necessary to inform yourself about those rules before claiming any insurance coverage. If you don’t, well, you might just miss out on that claim. The biggest question when it comes to commercial roofing claims is, will my insurance cover my roof? At Lionheart Contracting, we want to take the guess work out of this sometimes confusing topic and help you know the truth about commercial insurance claims.

Its Important To Know What Is Going On With Your Commercial Policy

Insurance for commercial roofs can come with distinct bundles, and all these bundles have been set for different asserting rules. Some insurance packages and coverages will bear the full replacement cost, but a few insurance policies may only cover the partial cost of fixing the damage for the commercial structure. You must submit a written request, in most cases, to inform your commercial insurance agency to inspect the level of loss or damage. This is the very first official measure for asserting insurance coverage. The insurance provider produces a report together with the details of coverage and will inspect the damage. Commercial insurance policies are written with legal jargon and you will need to be fully aware and understand the “legalize”. That is why it is an excellent practice to take help from professional lawyers, adjusters, or us at Lionheart. We possess the expertise of dealing with insurance claims for commercial roofs, so as to cover any of the damages to the roofing system. It should be noted that commercial roof repair insurance policies are very different from residential or alternative property insurances. These commercial insurance policies for roof repairing services can give you a limited time to claim the insurance coverage following catastrophe or the damage. You should always claim your insurance coverage in a very short time frame from the time of the original incident so as to avoid any complexity or penalty in getting the insurance company to repair or replace your commercial roof.

Lionheart Can Help Your Claim Go Through

Insurance coverage for any damage with the roofing system is an extremely important problem for any owner or facility manager. Insurance companies decide the specific value on their own, That is why it is important to have Lionheart go to bat for you and help your commercial insurance provider determine the true price of the damage. Lionheart Contracting knows the facts about the various processes of insurance claims and is able to get your insurance coverage from the insurance provider. Call Lionheart Contracting today for a free consultation in regards to your commercial insurance claim.

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