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Thank you for checking out Lionheart Contracting’s official web page. If you are looking for one of the best commercial roofing companies in the KC and surrounding areas, then look no further. We are a local Kansas City roofing company that is fully licensed and insured. At Lionheart, we truly go the extra mile for our clients, and in doing so, we long to be your first choice when it comes to all of your commercial or industrial roofing needs. At Lionheart, we understand the dedication it takes for professionals to get the job done right and not just meet but surpass your expectations. The Lionheart team are your go-to guys when it comes to commitment, excellence, and superior roofing knowledge in the Kansas City area. With decades of experience under our belt, combined with unparalleled service and quality of construction, it’s no wonder why Lionheart continues to be chosen over other residential and commercial roofing contractors in the City of Fountains.

The Commercial Roofing Pros

We are committed to providing quality commercial roofing systems for all of our Kansas City and surrounding area customers. Through hard work, excellent service, and skilled employees, Lionheart has never looked back. With over 30 years of combined experience and a real love for our customers, there is not a better commercial roofing contractor in the KC Metro area. It is very important not to hire just any roofing company for your commercial roofing needs. You need a seasoned commercial roofing pro to make sure the job is done right. After all, this is your investment that is being protected, so give Lionheart a call today at 816-866-7090 and see what separates us as your go-to Kansas City commercial roofing contractor. We look forward to serving our customers with precision and excellence.


Lionheart is Proud To Have An A+ Rating With The BBB And Looks Forward To Serving All Of Your Roofing Needs!


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Kansas City Commercial Roofing Options 



TPO, short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is a single ply roofing membrane. TPO is a popular choice for many business owners and roofing companies alike.


Metal Roofing Kansas City Lionheart


Due to the durability and beautiful aesthetic of metal roofs, they are an excellent choice for commercial structures. There are many different styles of metal roofs you can choose from.


Commercial roof coatings KC


If you are interested in extending the lifespan of your roof for many years to come and are looking to for a cost-effective solution, a commercial roof coating might be right for you.



EPDM is short for ethylene propylene diene monomer. It is a rubber membrane that is a popular roofing solution here in the midwest and other parts of the US.


Spray Foam Commercial Roofing Solutions


A Spray Foam application goes under a polyurethane roof coating and is a great idea if you want to seal up your drains and give your roof a substantially extended life.




Just because there is a leak coming from your roof, doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole new roof. Many times all that is needed is a repair.


Can Lionheart Facilitate My Residential Roofing Needs?

Absolutely! Lionheart not only delivers as one of Kansas City’s top-ranked commercial roofing companies, we have been serving residential customers for years and would love to hear from you in regards to your residential roofing needs. When protecting your home and loved ones, quality matters most.  Give Lionheart a call at 816.866.7090 for a no-hassle quote, and see why we are one of Kansas City’s most trusted and reliable residential roofing companies.

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     Commercial Experts

Lionheart has done over ten million square feet of commercial roofs within the Kansas City area. It sure is good to know you are in good hands. We are your commercial, industrial, and flat roof specialist.

     White Glove Service

At Lionheart, we don’t just offer high-quality products. We also bring to you the finest service possible. We get it right the first time. That’s the Lionheart way.

     Flat Roof Repair

If you have been experiencing roofing problems that you can no longer ignore, you don’t want to make any mistakes that might compromise your business’s structure and hurt your bottom line.

     Locally Owned and Operated

Unfortunately, many fly by night companies in this industry come in from another town and not do the work. You can rest assured that Lionheart is located and stationed right here in Kansas City MO.


Lionheart’s Commitment To Excellence

We at Lionheart believe that doing good business is more than just offering a quality service. Our core principles are that for a business to truly be succesfull,it must give back to the community. Please click on the image below to find out about how Lionheart is more than just your average commercial roofing company.