Wood Shake Roofs Kansas City

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Rustic Beauty and Strength

Having a wood shake roof can bring lasting beauty to any building. If you want a roof that stands out from the crowd, rustic elegance may be the way to go. Wood shake shingles are made from split logs. Because they’re manufactured differently every time, they can differ in color, cut, width and thickness, leaving you with a variety of options. Consultants at Lionheart Contracting are experienced in helping our customers find the right fit for them. We know that a commercial roof with both strength and beauty is an unbeatable combination. Good looks are probably the biggest draw for fans of the wood shake shingle. Just know, however, that you may be paying a higher price upfront for both the product and the installation. A contractor experienced in laying down wood shake shingles is needed to properly secure your roofing structure to the roof deck. Durability through severe weather will depend more upon how the structure was applied than on the actual strength of the material used. This is important when you consider the extreme weather that hits the Greater Kansas City area from time to time. You want shingles that can hold steady.

A wood shake roof will also protect your structure in other ways. The way shingles are laid one upon the other allows for snow and water to run off the roof and prevents moisture from seeping in between the layers. Shingles can be treated or pre-treated with products that protect your roof against mold, mildew, rot and even fire. In short, whatever element that may seek to attack your roof and compromise the integrity of the wood. The drawback, however, is that this roofing material needs consistent upkeep. When properly maintained, it can last for decades. Though this roof structure may not have outrageous “green” benefits, a wood shake roof can and does help the environment by conserving energy costs through effective insulating properties and forest conservation. Most producers of wood shingles harvest their wood in environmentally friendly ways. Either these producers will get their wood from old, discarded and fallen trees or they’ll help plant new ones in place of the ones they’ve cut down. Natural resources and processes leave less of a footprint on the earth.

At Lionheart Contracting, you can make an appointment with a consultant who will help  guide you though the process of investing in the right roof for your commercial building.  We can give you more detailed information on a variety of roofing structures and answer any questions you may have.