7 Reasons To Consider A Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coatings

7 Benefits to Roof Coatings vs. Other Roofing Solutions

So rain season is here. Along with that annoying roof enemy called hail. With these big storms rolling in, it reminds you of a big problem you might have pushed off for awhile. Or one you have just found out about…your commercial or industrial roof has been compromised. Its no secret that replacing a commercial roof can be an expensive road to take. What about the road less traveled? One that can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lets talk about a very smart solution for this inevitable problem.

A commercial roof coatings is a monolithic, fluid applied roofing membrane. There are a vast number of benefits that come with choosing a commercial roof coating. As you search out all of the different options to fix that old leaky roof. Here are seven reasons that you might want to consider a roof coating in regards to your plan of action.

1.Commercial Roof Coatings are good for the environment.

Think of all of the debris, trash, and energy that goes into a complete tear down of your commercial roof. With a commercial roof coating you leave the old roof intact while applying the waterproof membrane over the existing structure.

2.Roof Coatings Are Energy Efficient.

Not only are roof coatings considered a “Green Roof” by way of protecting landfills, they also reflect the sun saving you a considerable amount of money with your heating and cooling. With the Elastomeric Roof Coating (white coating), some studies have shown energy savings by up to 30 percent with an 85 percent reflectivity!

3. Seamless Installation

There is a lot to be said for a roofing system that is seamless. When a commercial roof coating is installed correctly, it will be 100 percent seamless. Meaning that it is wind and decay resistant. Seamless coatings are also waterproof and can easily be patched or fixed later on.

4.Less Downtime.

Lets face it, time is money, and when it comes to business, that is even more certain. With a commercial roof coating your roof will be fixed potentially weeks earlier than if you were to do a complete tear down. This will facilitate your workflow greatly by not having crews on your roof, and in your parking lot all day long replacing your commercial roof.

5. Easy To Maintain

Commercial coatings are much easier to patch or maintain than other roofing systems. With other roofing systems such as modified bitumen it can be costly even to repair a small part of your commercial roof. With a coating, that repair will cost much less and be fixed much quicker.

6.Pick Your Color

If you choose to go with a commercial roof coating vs. the other roofing systems, you can choose whatever color you like. Although many people choose the sleek, clean, white coating, you can pick just about any color that fits your business colors. Or if you are needing to have a certain color due to code restraints of the particular city your business is in, then coatings could be a great fit.

7.Show Me The Money

Ok, lets get to the brass tax. We all love ways to help the environment, and see projects get done quicker and ahead of schedule. But at the end of the day, we all know it’s all about the money. Although these points on “going green” are great, what does it cost? Surprisingly, with all of the benefits, the main benefit is that a commercial roof coating is actually considerably less money. Not only that, under current guidelines, applying a roof coating is actually considered a complete tax right off. Talk to your CPA regarding this. Protecting your investment even further, we at Lionheart have hooked up with Uniflex, giving us the ability to offer up to a 20 year manufacturers warranty on commercial roof coatings!

So in conclusion, coatings are more affordable than traditional re roofs, can make your roof last another 15-20 years, and are considered a green roof solution. With all of the benefits, we understand that these coatings are not a silver bullet, and each roof demands a unique solution. If you want to see if a coating is right for you, call us today at 816.866.7090. We at Lionheart Contracting would love to talk to you in regards to any questions you might have about putting a commercial grade roof coating on your building.

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