Hail Damaged Neighborhoods

Hail Damaged Claims Kansas City, Can I trust contractors that solicit door to door?

Consider this scenario: the greater Kansas City area has just gone through a particularly harsh storm. Heavy winds and rain, mixed with hail, has definitely compromised different areas of the city with downed power lines, scattered fallen branches and roof and shingle damage to some businesses and residential homes throughout the city. The next day you wake up and inspect the damage to your house and neighborhood. The storm has dissipated, and though you may have to clean up a little around your property, there isn’t a great deal of damage to your home that you can tell. Thank God.

Knock Knock…

Two days later there’s a knock on your door from a roofing company representative who is canvassing the neighborhood. He wants to know if you’d like him to inspect your roof, due to the recent storm. You tell him okay, because you think maybe he’ll find a problem that needs to be addressed. It turns out he did find something and now wants to help you fill out a damage claim report. So the claim process begins. Everything seems to be on the up and up, but how do you know if you can trust this particular company.

Do Your Homework

There’s a growing number of contractors taking advantage of the damage claims industry. These contractors are making a business out of getting insurance companies to “pay up” on damage claims, whether they’re legitimate or not. The simple truth is, you must due your homework on any roofing company you choose to do business with. Hail storms are the perfect opportunity for both shady and legitimate contractors alike, to canvass recently hit neighborhoods, strumming up new business. Make sure you do not throw the baby out with the rain water. So, if you get that knock on the door, or the phone call to your business for a damage appraisal from an unknown source, take the time to check out these companies with the BBB and other governing entities. You could save yourself time, money, and a lot more in the long run.

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