Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance: Regular Upkeep Is Better Than Replacement

To maintain something in the long run will be more cost effective than having to replace it. Commercial roof maintenance will prolong the life and effectiveness of your roof. Since commercial roofs are daily exposed to the elements, they need TLC on a regular basis from a qualified, licensed service provider. To see damage (or potential damage) with your own eyes through a casual inspection is one thing, but to have a professional tell you what, why and the how of a problem and then tell you what to do to solve it translates into commercial roof insurance. Lionheart Roofing of Kansas City is both committed and qualified to service your roof through a regular maintenance schedule.

Why hire a professional for commercial roof maintenance? Here are three reasons professional service is important.

  1. Commercial roof damage may be recognized too late by the layperson and will, therefore, cost you more in the long run. Visual inspection doesn’t catch all things.  You have to know where to look and why, which is why consultants are paid what they are.  One of the most painful ways to spot roof damage is a wet ceiling and a pool of water on the floor inside your building. Damage is progressive, meaning it builds over time when unaddressed.  To “nip things in the bud” is to save money from expensive repairs and replacement of damaged roofing material and other items affected by moisture penetration and leakage. When you look at cost-effectiveness in the long run, paying for regular maintenance doesn’t seem so bad.


  1. Professional roofing contractors have the knowledge and technology to spot problems early and effectively address them. In today’s commercial roofing, things like infra-red thermal imaging scans can detect problems no-one will ever see with the naked eye. These scans can detect damage under the surface, including wet insulation, just like how medical technology can detect a hairline fracture or cancer cells. This is only one example of the tools they would use to diagnose your roof. Once they find any issue of concern, consulting and planning will ensure an effective solution to the problem.


  1. Commercial roofing professionals often have years of experience and will guarantee their work. Pretenders and charlatans might leave you with more than a setup for a future problem; they may leave you with higher energy costs than you would have had, due to less than professional work, processes and materials. Therefore, it’s important to find a licensed contractor who’ll stand by their word and work, in writing. Since roofing problems can occur through bad installation and improper maintenance, it’s important to hire right from the start than have to rehire at a later time. Do your homework and find the best, most qualified person for the job.


Lionheart Contracting understands what a huge investment a commercial roof can be to both building and pocketbook. The best way to protect and maintain your investment is through a regular maintenance schedule, preferably done by a licensed professional.  Please call us for any questions or comments you may have on this or other subjects. We, at Lionheart Contracting, want your roof to last a very long time.

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