Getting Your Insurance To Pay Up

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People normally get insurance for one major reason. In the event that something bad may happen.  It’s no different in the commercial roofing arena. Bad things happen even to good commercial roofs. Sometimes, a storm hits particularly hard or a hurricane or tornado may pass through your general neighborhood. We can’t control the weather and we don’t know the future; hence, insurance coverage on commercial buildings and roofs are a must. But what happens when something bad does happen and in seeking out a damage claim, it’s denied?  You may wonder what this is all about. You’ve faithfully paid into your insurance coverage and you’ve suffered damage to your commercial roof. A plus B usually equals C. Thus, you must pay for my roof damage, insurance company!

Is My Commercial Insurance Company Really On My Side?

People, however, don’t realize the many ways insurance companies seek to wiggle free from paying out legitimate claims. They may refer to the age of your roof or point out stipulations in your claim that, according to them, keep them from having to take responsibility. All this to say, don’t be so surprised if you legitimate damage claim is denied. The important thing to think about and prepare for is what will I do about a possible denial, if something does happen to my roof? Chances your roof will suffer some sort of damage in the Greater Kansas City area may be slim, but they’re there.

We Can Help

You want to think of a game plan, prior to something like a claim denial happening.  It’s called a Plan B.  Lionheart Contracting wants to equip people with the knowledge and resources available to get their damage claims compensated. Lionheart has consultants on hand to talk to you about the different ways you can go about making sure you get the insurance coverage you paid for to work for you. Call us today at 816.866.7090.

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