Versico Roofing Systems

Versico was founded in 1993, with a vision to be a major single-ply roofing company. Now, at least two decades later, Versico is a world renowned organization and is recognized as one of the top three roof system manufacturers of a single-ply type in the U.S. By focusing their work towards success, Versico has been working on the commercial roofing systems of many large corporations while their outstanding customer service every day contributes in containing and gaining repeat customers.

The strict government regulations, together with the low-VOC requirements of LEED® and other environmentally safe programs, have caused turbulence in the global construction community with the consideration of using low-VOC products. Although, certain products are excluded from the VOC content requirement based on packaging size, vapor pressure or other reasons, the commercial roofing system industry is definitely not unaffected from these changes. That being said, Versico is constantly trying to develop products that satisfy the low-VOC conditions and requirements.

Versico’s product include:

Versico’s Warranty

Every one of these commercial roofing systems offers several warranty options ranging between five and thirty years. Whatever you need, Versico can provide a comprehensive palette of products and services, which is why Versico is one of the sources for quality single-ply roofing systems.

Versico has established a great reputation by not only providing customers with products that show extreme quality, minimal maintenance costs and long-term performance, but also, by providing one of the best warranty coverage deals. Versico’s Total System warranties are one of the best in the single-ply industry with coverage terms ranging from five to thirty years and with a variety of enhancements available. Versico keeps a large warranty reserve fund at all times. This is to ensure that each warranted project will be covered under any circumstances. So with Versico’s Total System Warranty, you can stop worrying about your roofing system and be sure that your roof will perform to its optimum level.

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