UNIFLEX Roofing Solutions

UNIFLEX Roofing Solutions

UNIFLEX is one of the premier leaders in the roofing system industry and has engineered the industry’s first roof coating on a fluid basis in 1946. By meeting the high-quality management standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Company became one of the first in the industry to receive ISO 9001 registration. Since then, UNIFLEX has grown to be a part of a network of approved contractors, architects, and roofing systems consultants who trust in UNIFLEX’s history of innovation and industry dominance.

UNIFLEX has made great efforts to create a product which protects the environment. UNIFLEX’s complete line of highly effective systems and accessories are designed to reflect the heat from the sun and protect from the damaging UV radiation. These roofing systems, are known to assist in lowering roof surface temperatures, lowering the amount of heat transferred below the surface and into the building. This, in many cases, provides significant energy savings for the owner of the building.

UNIFLEX offers many long-term warranty deals, including 10 year and 15-year material and labor warranties. UNIFLEX’s renowned network of contractors is ready to provide competent, fast and worry-free installation, with experienced sales and customer support staff on call, every day during every phase of the project. Being a business branch of The Sherwin-Williams Company, UNIFLEX’s worldwide distribution network counts over 3,400 locations. With a wide product portfolio to show a wide variety of roofing types, UNIFLEX provides the total roofing option.

UNIFLEX products and services are certified by many of the industry agencies, including ENERGY STAR® and the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). UNIFLEX’s unique Fluid Applied Roofing Systems have a great number of different roof assemblies tested by the FM 4470 roofing standard. UNIFLEX coatings are also UL Class A Approved and meet the requirements and conditions of NSF, Title 24 and Miami-Dade County Florida Building Code.

Advancing Technology And Quality Products

UNIFLEX is a leading member in the industry regarding innovation and quality, with a large investment in research and innovation facilities. UNIFLEX offers many products and services. They are experienced in working with coatings, sealants and more. UNIFLEX offers a variety of roof coatings and those are:

Elastomeric Finish Coats

These kinds of roof coats offer flexibility and durability. UNIFLEX offers a variety of elastomeric roof coats in white, or custom made for many different colors.

Aluminum Finish Coats

A coat produced with high quality, waterproof aluminum.

Asphalt Emulsions

A reflective coat with the option for fibered or non-fibered emulsion systems.


UNIFLEX® provides high-performance primers. They provide high-quality surface materials, an essential touch for long-lasting, waterproof roof.

Elastomeric Base Coats

Excellent adhesion for UNIFLEX Elastomeric Finish Coats

Patch & Repair Accessories

UNIFLEX® Patch & Repair Accessories stop roof leaks and deterioration forever.

Roof Sealants

Polyurethane Roofing Sealants

Made to withstand extreme weather conditions, solidified to provide a great, watertight seal.

MS Hybrid Roofing Sealants

Outstanding waterproof roof sealant.

Solvent-Based Roofing Sealants

One time application without a primer.

Asphaltic Roofing Cements

Specially made for asphaltic roofing substrates.

UNIFLEX’s enhanced research and development facilities are incomparable. Every product goes through rigorous testin before it hits the market.

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