Stoneworth Roofing Products

Stoneworth Roofing Products

Stoneworth Building Products are recognized as one of the premium roof tile manufacturers in the Midwest. The Company is located in Shawnee, KS. Stoneworth is focused on quality and long-term roofing systems, polite and helpful customer service and flexibility. Stoneworth is dedicated to providing goods that are visually attractive to improve, protect and keep residential, and industrial structures looking their best. The motto at Stoneworth is that no job is too small or too big. Stoneworth’s customers range from homeowners who tend to build and repair their homes to commercial building owners who build and own all types of buildings and apartment complexes. Stoneworth’s goal is to handle every task with the greatest care and provide the customer with a roof tile that meets all their expectations.

Stoneworth continues to be known as the greatest quality standard readily available for roof tile suppliers. The International Code Council (ICC) is the United States’ leader in evaluating building products for compliance with building codes across the nation. With the passing and receiving their ICC certification, Stoneworth is allowed to provide one of the best roof tile to any community throughout the whole country. To see their quality award you can go to their company website under the “Specifications” tab. 

Stoneworth was founded on the simple mission that the company must always exceed the customers’ expectations. This idea permeates the company’s activities through all, from initial contact and product development, to manufacturing and supply.

Their large palette of products include: 

This classic, flat tile achieves an Old World look and appeals to a clean and professional architectural style.

The unique center dance inside the Bristol page indicates the anchor characteristic of English Regency architecture, and provides the true search of smaller individual tiles.

This tile has two different surfaces: the brushed side on the right and the smooth side on the left. This style creates texture on the roof, and gives a dimension unlike any other roofing system options.

This smooth tile with the crafted notching provides an amazing shadow line. This outstanding design creates the image of additional surfaces reminiscent of the London borough for which it is named.

The Nottingham profile combines the best of two different surfaces (brushed and smooth), a carve in the lower part of the tile and a groove to delineate the surfaces.

The classical look of original Italian design is captured precisely with this barrel style tile. Its design and unique look last forever, and enhance any structure with a flow harkening to the waterways of Venice.

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