Ludowici Roofing Systems

Ludowici Roofing Systems

The Ludowici story of highest quality craftsmanship began 400 years ago in Rome, Italy. There, the Ludowici family were famous for their clay roof tiles. As European roofing market constantly grew, the family moved to Germany and their last name was changed to Ludowici. In the beginning of the 19th century they moved their family business to Chicago, Illinois and have been one of the most dominant competitors ever since. 

A century later, the Ludowici Roof Tile Company finally prospered. Eventually, most of the Ludowici terra cotta tile making subsidiaries were consolidated into one facility in New Lexington, Ohio. In the time of technology, Ludowici continues to create a limitless instances of terra cotta colors and many options that fit vast architectural designs. Ludowici’s unique custom functions enable makers and designers to create durable, striking structure by using a truly infinite terra cotta scheme. Having a life time of more than 100 years, a Ludowici terra cotta solution is merely good looking but is one of many most lasting and natural building products available. With more than 120 years of knowledge, Ludowici has exploded to the industry leader for clay roof tile, terra cotta wall tiles, quarry tiles and decorative terra cotta finials.

Ludowici has been manufacturing roofing systems for buildings large and small since 1888. Many mansions, bungalows, universities, commercial buildings, government or military buildings have been successfully roofed by Ludowici. Their portfolio contains some of the most beautiful commercial buildings and homes in the world. Clay tile roofing systems have been a preferred choice of many outstanding architects, designers and owners for many years because of the natural warmth and consistent beauty of the clay tiles. Ludowici’s clay roofing systems provide more than 120 years of proven ability, limitless product promotions and offerings and the industry’s best warranty deals.

Clay roof tiles have advanced in the arms of generations of many builders and designers and have secured many houses and shelters for more than 10 millenniums. Even with today’s technology and engineering, more than 50% of Ludowici’s goods remain handmade, letting us to make and make an unlimited variety of materials and colors to suit any architectural style. Ludowici specializes in many fields, not just in roofing systems. However, their biggest success and largest variety of products are from the roofing industry.

Their variety of products include:

  • Spanish Tiles
  • Mission Tiles
  • Shingle Tiles
  • Flat Interlocking Tiles
  • Profile Interlocking Tiles
  • Shake Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
  • Tapered Tiles For Cones/Domes
  • Custom Tiles
  • Decorative Finials
  • Hip & Ridge Systems
  • Historical Renovation Tiles

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