GAF Roofing Systems

GAF was founded in 1886, and has become North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. GAF’s success in developing the company has brought them nearly $3 billion in sales. GAF is helping property owners and architects to make the best and safest roofing choices. GAF’s goal is helping contractors in the building of their businesses, simply by matching the right roofing technology to their clients’ needs. They offer all major low-slope roofing technologies, including maintenance and repair products and roof modernization systems, as well as new roofs.

Not just they specialize in residential roofing, but they have a lot of experience in commercial roofing too. Some manufacturers that offer mainly commercial roofing services seem to have a “one technology fits all” strategy. On the contrary, they aim to help contractors in building their businesses with satisfying their customers’ specific needs by matching the right roofing technology.

As one of the industry leaders, GAF is proud to offer a variety of products with environmentally friendly solutions. They offer services for both residential and commercial roofing, including products that contain recycled materials, reflective or “cool” roofing, re-cover roofing to reduce landfill waste, garden roofing products, and solar roofing products. GCAFAF has also worked to incorporate sustainable practices into their manufacturing process, and a Zero Waste to Landfill effort. Newly launched program, the Certified Green Roofer recognizes professional roofing contractors for the process of recycling!

The GAF have a huge palette of products and services they offer in the field of commercial roofing. By choosing this company, you not just choose one of the largest companies in the roofing industry but you also can count on the guaranteed quality and efficiency of their work. Listed below, are GAF’s products and services in the area of commercial roofing.

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