The 411 on Roofing

The 411 on Roofing | Lionheart Contracting 

There are some things that you have to trust to the professional. You don’t know enough about it yourself and you might not even be interested in knowing very much. For a lot of people, roofing work falls into that category. If you know that doing it yourself is not an option, you have to figure out how to get a roofing contractor to do the replacement or repair work you need to have done. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you work toward getting roofing work done.

Don’t procrastinate. Some roof damage is extensive enough that it leaves the home exposed to the elements, animal life intrusions and more. Insurance companies expect you to do what you can to mitigate further damage and to contact them after a covered loss. For example, if there are missing tiles and roof coverings, you may have to have this covered well with tarp. To not do so may damage your insurance claim outcome. The way insurers look at it, if the original damage would have been $10,000; but you left the roof exposed and rain or other elements damage the roof, ceiling, attic and floors before you seek a remedy; you are the one responsible for the additional problems, not the covered loss (storm). Insurance adjusters are tough, so don’t get caught sleeping after a roof-damaging storm or other loss.
Don’t just trust any roofing contractor. Seek ones who have references, experience and availability to properly do the work. Newbies deserve a chance, but only consider one if the job is small or they have other qualities (highly professional, motivated, etc) that override their lack of experience and references.
Look at the inside of your home for clues as to what has happened to the outside. See if there are ceiling leaks, buckling of the ceiling, wet spots in the basement, etc. If you see this, it may say that the roof sustained quite a bit of damage
Look on the outside of your home for clues as to what has happened on the top. For instance, if fencing, plants and landscaping are battered, flattened and badly bruised; your roof may have also taken a beating.
Find out if there are better materials for your replacement. It may be worth it to seek cost-savings through better rooftops that will reduce electrical costs for heating and cooling. If you have any voice, leeway with the insurance company or contractor; or if your own budget will allow – upgrade during the replacement.

Get your mind in gear to be responsible, savvy and proactive about your roof. It protects your home from all kinds of invasions, encroachments and inconveniences. When a storm hits, you need to know in what condition it left the barrier of your home.

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